Statistical Online Computational Resource

The SOCR resource provides a hierarchy of portable online interactive aids for motivating, modernizing probability and statistics applications.

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Java - Version 2.6

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  • Interactive Graphs and Information about dozens of Distribution Models. Calculate P-values, Quantiles & Tail-Probabilities
  • Virtual Online Probability Experiments and Demonstrations
  • A large collection of statistical techniques for online data analysis, visualization and integration
  • Collection of computer generated games illustrating various statistical concepts
  • A collection of Data Modeling Aids including curve fitting, wavelets, matrix manipulations, etc.
  • Various (Local & Remote) Tools for Probabilistic and Statistical Analysis


The Statistics Online Computational Resource (SOCR) is an interactive suite of software tools for understanding and fitting probability and statistical models to real data. It is designed in an object-oriented fashion and implemented as a Java applet to allow fast and easy data analysis over the Internet. The SOCR resource consists of a number of applets, user interfaces and demonstrations, which are fully accessible over the Internet. This includes a repository of software tools, instructional materials and online tutorials.


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System Requirements


  • Version: 2.6
  • Size: 481 Kb
  • OS: PC, Mac OS X, and most UNIX platforms
  • Processor: any
  • Memory: 20 Mb
  • Software: Java Interpreter (JRE)


The SOCR resource is avaibale for download in its binary Java Class (JAR) format. We strongly engourage users to utilize our 2GHz dual-processor at the SOCR server site. For people with slow internet connections downloading the JAR file and running it locally may be a better option.

Please visit the SOCR Home Page.


The SOCR resource allows instructors to supplement methodological course material with hands-on demonstrations, simulations, interactive graphical displays, illustrating in a problem-driven manner the presented theoretical and data-analytic concepts.

Visit the SOCR Home Page