Neuroimaging Provenance XSD

The LONI Neuroimaging Provenance XSD is an XML schema Document for validating and describing .prov data provenance description files

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OS-Independent - Version 1.0

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  • Extracts image metadata and provenance information from ANALYZE, DICOM, MINC, and NIFTI format images.
  • Creates a data provenance XML file from the data extracted from an image file.
  • Reads in data provenance XML files for inspection and manual editing.


The Neuroimaging Provenance XSD is a description of provenance for use with neuroimaging workflows. The schema incorporates both data and processing provenance by capturing subject and data acquisition provenance from original image files thru the use of the LONI Provenance Editor, and processing provenance from workflows thru the use of the LONI Pipeline.

System Requirements


  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 19 Kb
  • OS: n/a
  • Processor: n/a
  • Memory: n/a
  • Software: n/a


No installation required.


The Neuroimaging Provenance XSD is used to validate and generate .prov files containing data provenance information about a specific image.