LONI Inspector

The LONI Inspector is a Java application for reading, displaying, searching, comparing, and exporting metadata from AFNI, ANALYZE, DICOM, ECAT, GE, Interfile, MINC, and NIFTI files.

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Java - Version 2.11

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  • <p>Inspect the metadata from files in the AFNI, ANALYZE, DICOM, ECAT, GE, Interfile, MINC, and NIFTI file formats.</p>
  • <p>Find the differences between the metadata of two or more files.</p>
  • <p>Find all occurrences of keywords in file metadata.</p>
  • <p>Export file metadata into XML and CSV files.</p>
  • <p>Comes with a simple and light-weight image viewer.</p>


The LONI Inspector is an application for examining medical image files. Unlike most image viewers, the Inspector focuses on reading, displaying, searching, comparing, and exporting "metadata." The term "metadata" refers to data that describes the image data in a file. For example, metadata can be the patient name, the model of scanner on which the subject was scanned, the date on which the scan occurred, and the width and height of the image. Knowledge of metadata can be very important in understanding the imaging protocol and in protecting patient privacy, since Federal regulation prohibits the exchange of image files that contain patient-identifying information.

System Requirements


  • Size: 5.1 MB
  • Processor: any
  • Memory: 256 Mb
  • Software: Java 1.5 or higher


On Windows systems, start the Inspector by double-clicking the run.bat file. On other systems, type on the command line: java -jar -Xmx1024m Inspector2_23Feb2009.jar


There are many different types of medical image file formats, and the amount and type of information stored in these files varies depending upon the file format type and file creator. Unlike simpler file formats (GIF, JPEG), there is often a large amount of metadata (subject name, date of birth, scanner protocol) stored with the image data. The Inspector provides a single interface for viewing both metadata and image data in many common medical image file formats (AFNI, ANALYZE, DICOM, ECAT, GE, Interfile, MINC, NIFTI), searching files for keywords, comparing files for differences, and exporting metadata into XML and CSV files.