InterpolateContour interpolates the vertices and data attributes of a contour file.


  • Contours may be resampled to any number of points. Any number of output points may be selected for a contour (&GT 1). Contours may therefore be oversampled, or abbreviated, according to the needs of the analysis protocol.
  • Any number ( &GT 1) of output levels may be selected. This, combined with the selection of the number of points per contour, allows imposition of arbitrary grids.
  • Spline Interpolation. Interpolation is performed by splines of odd degree. Splines of degree 1 give a linear interpolation, splines of higher degree perform some data smoothing. Quintic and higher order spines are available, but tend to be excessively wiggly, and are therefore not recommended.
  • Data Interpolation. Contour files frequently have data values associated with the sample points of the contours. When present in contours these values are re-sampled according to the same interpolate as the points to which they are attached. Furthermore, any number of data value columns may be added to the contour - all will be similarly interpolated. Note: Other LONI programs may not support multiple data attribute data samples.
  • Ucf level numbers are essentially arbitrary. Users of InterpolateUcf may set the first and final level numbers. Intermediate level numbers are set by interpolating evenly between the first and last values.
  • At times, duplicate contour points are found in contours. These overemphasize the contour points. Options exist to either remove duplicate points, or replace them by an average of their neighbors.


InterpolateContour is a java based tool that interpolates contour vertices and data attributes in a contour file. Contour file contours often contain widely varying numbers of sample points. The analysis of these files may require that the contours of the files be re-sampled into a regular grid. This pre-processing step allows groups of contour files to be meaningfully compared. Arbitrarily dimensioned output grids are supported, as are spline and linear interpolation between grid points. Contour files may have a data attribute associated with each sample point. If present, these are also interpolated. Multiple data attibutes per sample point are supported.


Copy java libary 'jar' file to local disk. Add this jar file to your java program class path.


InterpolateContour is used to impose a consistent structure on a group of contour files. The contour sample points are interpolated to the specified number of points per contour. The number of contours may also be chosen. Any number ( >1 ) of contours or contour points may be selected. The tool can be used to reduce the size (and associated computation time) of contour based mesh's with more samples than are required to represent the actual complexity of the represented surface. Interpolation is perormed using splines. Linear splines (order 1) produce results comparable to the existing contour resampling tools; higher order splines may be used to produce smoother interpolated curves. InterpolateContour will run without need for re-compilation on any computer that supports Java v1.5.0 (or greater).

Application will run on any computer that supports Java v1.5.0 (or greater).