LONI standalone applications provide practical and easy-to-use tools to inspect, evaluate and process neuroimaging data.
  • BrainSuite13 is a collection of image analysis tools designed to process magnetic resonance images (MRI) of the human brain. BrainSuite13 provides an automatic sequence to extract cortical surface mesh models from the MRI, tools to register these to a labeled atlas to define anatomical regions of interest, and tools for processing diffusion imaging data including coregistration to anatomical data, ODF and tensor fitting and tractography. BrainSuite13 also contains visualization tools for exploring these data, and can produce interactive maps of regional connectivity.
  • Related Software

    The dualsurfacemin is a C++ implementation of the fully automatic dual surface minimization (DSM) algorithm for the optimization of deformable surfaces. The method is developed for automatic surface extraction from noisy volumetric images.
  • Related Software

    REM registers N-D image pairs that may contain topological differences. It produces an output reconstructed image and both a geometric and intensity transformation as a N-D vector field.
  • The Surface Warping protocol warps a collection of shapes to an atlas, using sets of sulcal contours to guide the warp. The atlas is computed from the contours provided by the user, and the resulting shapes will have anatomically homologous vertices.

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