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The LONI ShapeViewer is a simple, portable geometry viewer that supports the file formats used by CCB researchers and provides their most commonly needed viewing functions. Since it is written in Java, it can run on a wide variety of computers.


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  • ShapeViewer supported file formats include: VTK XML, FreeSurfer, LONI Ucf, Minc Obj Open Dx, Gifti and OFF format data files. User contributed file format plugins enable display of TrackVis Track files, among other custom formats.
  • Input shape file locations may be read from a single text file. This simplifies using the ShapeViewer to display a particular set of shapes.
  • Separately written plug-in modules may add capabilities not in the core shape viewer program.
  • The ShapeViewer will read all files in a specified directory.


LONI ShapeViewer Support


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Version: 2.0.6
Release Date:  2011-08-03
Developer(s): CCB ShapeTools Software Group
License: LONI Software License
File Size: 19 MB
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS OS: any, Memory: 150Mb, Processor: Any
Data not available.
This work was supported by:
NIH-NCRR U54 RR021813
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