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The ShapeTools library is a collection of Java classes that enable Java programmers to model and manipulate geometric shapes and associated data values. It simplifies the creation of application programs by providing a ready-made set of support routines.


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  • File format readers that implement ShapeIO interface (modeled after Java ImageIO) are automatically used when appropriate.
  • Storage of additional metadata of arbitrary type (other than shape vertices and interconnections) is enabled by the use of data attributes.
  • Shapes may contain a set of child shapes allowing for the construction and manipulation of complex hierarchies of shapes.
  • The various components of a shape are specified as interfaces with specific implementations, making it easy to create specialized implementations of a shape component when different performance characteristics are required.


LONI ShapeTools Support


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Version: 1.4.0
Release Date:  2011-05-17
Developer(s): CCB ShapeTools Software Group
License: LONI Software License
File Size: 31 MB
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS OS: any, Memory: 100 MB, Processor: Any
Data not available.
This work was supported by:
NIH-NCRR 9P41EB015922-15 and 2-P41-RR-013642-15
NIH-NCRR U54 RR021813
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