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The LONI Provenance Editor is a self-contained, platform-independent application that automatically extracts the provenance information from an image header (such as a DICOM image) and generates a data provenance XML file with that information.


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  • Extracts image metadata and provenance information from ANALYZE, DICOM, MINC, and NIFTI format images.
  • Creates a data provenance XML file from the data extracted from an image file.
  • Reads in data provenance XML files.
  • Reads in data provenance XML files for inspection and manual editing.


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Version: 1.0
Release Date:  2007-09-17
Developer(s): Allan MacKenzie-Graham
License: LONI Software License
File Size: 1.97 Mb
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Memory: 256Mb, Processor: Any
MacKenzie-Graham, A., Van Horn, J., Woods, R., Crawford, K., and Toga, A. (2008b). "Provenance in neuroimaging " NeuroImage, 42(1), 178-195.
This work was supported by:
NIH-NCRR 9P41EB015922-15 and 2-P41-RR-013642-15
NIH-NCRR U24 RR021760
NIH-NCRR U54 RR021813
NIH-NIMH R01 MH071940
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