The dualsurfacemin is a C++ implementation of the fully automatic dual surface minimization (DSM) algorithm for the optimization of deformable surfaces. The method is developed for automatic surface extraction from noisy volumetric images.


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  • Global DSM, DSM-OS, and DSM-IS algorithms for automatic surface extraction from volumetric images using deformable simplex meshes
  • Support for the VRML and OFF formats. Can output both triangulated and simplex meshes.
  • Support for the raw and Analyze 7.5 image formats
  • The object oriented implementation in C++ licensed under GNU LGPL ensure easy modifiability of the software for a particular application.


DualSurfaceMin Support


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Version: 1.1
Release Date:  2005-05-31
Developer(s): Jussi Tohka, Mikko Itäranta and Jouni Mykkänen
License: LONI Software License
File Size: 3.4 Mb
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS OS: Solaris, Linux, Memory: 64 Mb, Processor: Any
J. Mykkänen, M. Itäranta, J. Tohka. "Object oriented implementation for the dual surface minimisation algorithm" In Connecting Medical Informatics and Bio-Informatics, Proceedings of MIE2005, volume 116 of Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, pp.
J. Tohka, J. Mykkänen. "Deformable mesh for automated surface extraction from noisy images" International Journal of Image and Graphics, Special Issue on Deformable Models for Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition 4(3):405-432, July 2004
This work was supported by:
NIH-NCRR 9P41EB015922-15 and 2-P41-RR-013642-15
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