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The BrainGraph Editor is a JAVA based tool that allows researchers to create taxonomies or hierarchies to classify and organize information such as anatomy, connectivity, and developmental stages.


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  • Multiple views of the items and the hierarchy for creating, editing and laying out information.
  • The user can add new nodes and drag and drop existing nodes much like moving files in a computer explorer window.
  • Any of the nodes may have metadata easily added to them.
  • Hierarchies can be saved as integrated label format (.ilf) files and viewed in the BrainGraph viewer available in the Mouse BIRN Atlasing Toolkit (MBAT) and SHIVA.


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Version: 1.0 Beta
Release Date:  2008-01-16
Developer(s): Heng Yuan
License: LONI Software License
File Size: 2.20 MB
SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS OS: any except Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard), Memory: 512 Mb, Processor: Any
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This work was supported by:
NIH-NCRR U24 RR021760
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