The LONI Probabilistic Brain Atlas (LPBA40) is a series of maps of brain anatomic regions. These maps were produced from a set of whole-head MRI of 40 human volunteers. Each MRI was manually delineated to identify a set of 56 structures in the brain, most of which are within the cortex. These delineations were then transformed into a common atlas space to produce a set of co-registered anatomical labels. The original MRI data were also transformed into the atlas space. The 3D volumes contained within this data set represent:

  • Intensity averages of the co-registered skull-stripped MRI volumes.
  • Probabilistic tissue maps based on automated classification of the native-space MRI into white matter, grey matter, and cerebrospinal fluid.
  • Probabilistic maps for each delineated structure.
  • Probabilistic maps for the grey matter portions of each structure.
  • Maximum likelihood maps that identify the most likely structure at each voxel in the atlas space.


Please cite this article as: Shattuck DW, Mirza M, Adisetiyo V, Hojatkashani C, Salamon G, Narr KL, Poldrack RA, Bilder RM, Toga AW, Construction of a 3D Probabilistic Atlas of Human Cortical Structures, NeuroImage (2007), doi: 10.1016/j.neuroimage.2007.09.031

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