The Rat Atlas is a three dimensional (3D) computerized map of rat brain anatomy created with digital imaging techniques. Electronic sharing and interactive use are benefits afforded by a digital format, but the foremost advantage of this 3D map is its whole brain integrated representation of rat in situ neuroanatomy.

The Rat 2D Atlas viewer is a web-based 2D slice viewer that visualizes single slices at a time.

A complete description of the digital map is provided in a comprehensive set of sagittal planes (up to 0.031 mm spacing) containing stereotaxic reference grids. Sets of coronal and horizontal planes, sampled every 0.5 mm, also are included. Specific anatomic features are identified in a second collection of images. Stylized anatomic boundaries and structural labels were incorporated into selected orthogonal planes.

The user selects a modality and an orientation from the panels on the left. At the bottom of the viewer is a graphical representation of the rat brain with a bar through it and a thumbnail image. Dragging the bar will scroll through the images, and releasing it will update the main panel on the right with a high-resolution image of the selected slice.