LONI: Laboratory of Neuro Imaging



The current releases of ICBM related software are available for use by researchers. Links are provided to the various download sites. New releases are continually being tested and evaluated. We provide software packages that deal with all aspects of image analysis and modeling. Automatic, manual and hybrid programs can be selected to provide visual and statistical results. More


The ICBM atlas collection consists of the ICBM Template, a tool developed to provide a reference that includes both a set of coordinates and the associated anatomical labels; the ICBM 452 T1 atlas, an average of T1-weighted MRIs of normal young adult brains, the ICBM probabilistic atlases, and the newly released Cytoarchitectonic Atlas. More.

Functional Reference Battery

The Functional Reference Battery has been implemented in SuperLab and is specifically designed to be usable with equipment routinely found in functional imaging laboratories. The FRB is also designed to be self-contained in that the instructions have all been prerecorded to insure uniformity across subjects. Careful attention has been paid to assure that the instructions and the content of the tasks are culturally independent.

The current FRB consists of five tasks:
  1. an auditory naming task
  2. an external order task
  3. a hand imitation task
  4. an oculomotor task
  5. a verb generation task