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ICBM Atlases

ICBM Single Subject MRI Anatomical Template

The purpose of the ICBM brain template is to provide a reference that includes both a set of coordinates and the associated anatomical labels.

The localization of functional imaging results on averages of large number of brain MRI volumes does not provide detailed anatomical information. Alternatively, the spatial registration and normalization of brain images from different individuals to a single high-resolution labeled template recognizes the topographically relevant anatomical substrate for a specific activation. More

ICBM 452 T1 Atlas

The ICBM452 atlas is an average of T1-weighted MRIs of normal young adult brains.
The space the atlas is in is not based on any single subject. Instead it is an average space constructed from the average position, orientation, scale, and shear from all the individual subjects. The atlas, therefore, is both an average of intensities and of spatial positioning. More

ICBM Cytoarchitectonic Maps

The spatial normalization of the macroscopical anatomy of an MRI brain dataset to a common reference system permits statements about the structural intersubject variability of architectonic areas and their correlation to functional activations. More



ICBM Probabilistic Atlases

The 452 ICBM subject T1-weighted scans were used to create a set of Probabilistic Atlases.

These consist of the ICBM Tissue, Lobular, Deep Nuclei, and Sulcal Probabilistic Atlases.

ICBM Tissue Atlases

The Tissue Atlases are classified into gray matter, white matter, and cerebrospinal fluid.

ICBM Lobular Atlases

The Lobular Atlases consist of frontal, parietal, temporal, occipital, insular cortex, and cerebellar delineations.

ICBM Deep Nuclei Atlases

The Deep Nuclei Atlases consist of caudate, thalamus, and putamen delineations.

ICBM Sulcal Atlases

The Sulcal Atlases are genreated from the bilateral delineation of twenty sulci.

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ICBM DTI-81 Atlas

A stereotaxic probabilistic white matter atlas that fuses DTI-based white matter information with an anatomical template (ICBM-152). More