LONI: Laboratory of Neuro Imaging

Conforming Site Instructions

We have developed a conforming site strategy that enables any laboratory to communicate with ICBM Standards, protocols, and services have been developed that address the quality and interoperability of data, tools, and analysis procedures. By utilizing these, a conforming site can acquire data that is compatible with other ICBM data, products (e.g., atlases), data bases, analysis tools and procedures. Thus, conforming sites not only gain conformity with ICBM but also with other non-ICBM sites which use these same tools and procedures.

The CSS has been designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Receive and store all data
  • Provide an easy to use, intuitive, web-based interface between ICBM and world-wide laboratories
  • Provide data entry interfaces for behavioral data entry which, to the extent possible, mimic the 'actual' test forms
  • Provide facilities for 'manual' quality control at various stages
  • Automate data transfer
  • Simplify communication between sites
  • Allow access to raw and processed data under defined access control

Categories of Conformance

  • Data acquisition categories
  • Data submission and exchange categories
  • Data processing and analysis categories
  • Scanning protocols

The overarching goal of the CSS is to collect all imaging and behavioral data, organize and store it electronically. In the case of imaging data, collecting all data is a relatively straightforward process (see the section on protocols); in contrast, the behavioral data is significantly more complex, both conceptually and practically. In general, the CSS has been designed with the assumption that, whenever possible, all behavioral data (raw data and summary scores) will be stored.

The CSS has been designed in a modular fashion, making it highly flexible and expandable. As such, each behavioral test is implemented as a separate database module. The following documents outline the protocols for dat entry, data transfer, data confidentiality, and quality control.