LONI: Laboratory of Neuro Imaging

Scanning Protocols

These are the 1.5 Tesla Sonata sequences:

The Three Plane Loc is the scout sequence. Sag double-echo is the T2/Proton density sequence. ep2d_diff_WIP is the DTI sequence, and MPRAGE 8 channel is the T1 weighted MPRAGE sequence.
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These are all the 3 Tesla Allegra sesquences:

The Circle-localized in the scout sequence. The Hi-Res is a T2 weighted scan designed to mimic the distortions in the fMRI sequences. HandImitation, AuditoryNaming, VerbGeneration, ExtrenalOrder, and Oculomotor are all identical and are used for the fMRI tasks in the Functional Reference Battery. gre-field-map is a field map sequence that can be used to correct distortions n the fMRI sequences. tof_fi3d is a vascular sequence.
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