LONI: Laboratory of Neuro Imaging

About ICBM

The International Consortium for Brain Mapping (ICBM) was formed in 1993 with a grant from the NIMH. This consortium is composed of four core research sites, UCLA, Montreal Neurologic Institute, University of Texas at San Antonio, and the Institute of Medicine, Juelich/Heinrich Heine University - Germany. In addition, data acquisition sites in Asia and Europe contribute to this international consortium.


The primary goal of the ICBM project is the continuing development of a probabilistic reference system for the human brain. Over the course of this project, we have succeeded in building and expanding the tools available to establish this reference system for structural and functional anatomy on both macroscopic (in vivo) and microscopic (post mortem) levels. We have expanded our neuroinformatics tools for data sharing and have created a "Conforming Site System" that allows laboratories worldwide to contribute data to our evolving atlas. Through the implementation of the ICBM data sharing policy space, we are fostering data exchange while still providing for scientific credit assignment and subject confidentiality. More

Conforming Sites

We have developed a conforming site strategy that enables any laboratory to communicate with ICBM Standards, protocols, and services have been developed that address the quality and interoperability of data, tools, and analysis procedures. By utilizing these, a conforming site can acquire data that is compatible with other ICBM data, products (e.g., atlases), data bases, analysis tools and procedures. Thus, conforming sites not only gain conformity with ICBM but also with other non-ICBM sites which use these same tools and procedures. More